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03/02/15 08:50 AM #3    


Robert Danley

Great to see Sherwood & Batten signed up.............  all I can say is;    They Live!!!!

Hope you two are planning on being in Lincoln in June!!!   Bob

05/31/15 03:03 AM #4    

Gretchen Garlinghouse


Please tell me where to find the list of people who have signed up for the reunion events. . .lookin, lookin, just can't find it!

05/31/15 01:05 PM #5    

Gregg Wright

Response to Gretchen's Question about finding reunion attendees: If you click on Classmate Profiles in the left menu, you can sort the results by attendees at each event.  This will not tell you who is bringing a guest, but it will tell you which classmates have registered for each event.  Let me know if this doesn't work for you.  Gregg



06/09/15 11:30 AM #6    

Carol Wallace (Kleppinger)

After much basement rummaging, I finally found one of the Sheridan class pictures ... Mrs. Sorenson's class, 5th grade. Were we really that young?

06/09/15 11:47 AM #7    

Carol Wallace (Kleppinger)

Another blast from the past of Sheridan ... the 1959 "graduation" program, complete with autographs of all the 6th graders. Does anyone remember the catchy tune of the "Sheridan Song?"  :-)

06/09/15 12:08 PM #8    

Carol Wallace (Kleppinger)

Oh, my ... another basement discovery! Here is the Sheridan Mrs. Ramsey 3rd grade picture (caption below).


06/09/15 12:10 PM #9    

Carol Wallace (Kleppinger)

One more ... Mrs. Cholka's 4th grade class at Sheridan (caption below).

06/09/15 01:08 PM #10    


Robert Danley

Ok Carol.............  This may not happen till after the reunion, but "somewhere"  SomeWhere!!!  I have pictures, of Mike.... I am sure of it!!   I will find........   Trying to get my house ready for the incoming, so a little scattered brained right now....   Thanks for posting!!

06/10/15 09:59 AM #11    

Bill Kenagy

Great discovery. Sheridan rules.

06/10/15 10:14 AM #12    


Ann Hammar (Hinrichs)

Did anyone have Miss Wells for kindergarten at Sheridan? I would have had her in 1952. Attended 1st grade (can't think of teacher's name) there until Dec 1953 when we moved to Japan. Unfortunately I have no photos of that time. My Dad was transfered to Lincoln AFB in the early 1960s and thus I became a "Knight".

Years later my son and daughter attended Sheridan until we moved to Beirut, Lebanon in Oct 1980.

Sorry, to have to miss the reunion!

Ann Hinrichs (nee Hammar)


06/10/15 10:16 AM #13    


Mary Lynn Durrie (Reiser)

These are so cool! Thanks so much for digging these out. We did have a wonderful grade school. One of my all time favorite teachers was Mrs. Ramsey.Anyone else afraid of Mr. Hoover.

06/10/15 10:41 AM #14    


Ann Hammar (Hinrichs)

Mary, I see you still have that beautiful smile.

Ann H.

06/10/15 02:27 PM #15    


Linda Danielson (Slaughter)

Carol, these photos bring back so many memories.  Thanks for sharing.  Makes me want to search for my old photo albums.  They are around here somewhere!



06/10/15 03:39 PM #16    

Beth Mullowney (Fischer)

Carol, what fun to see these pics!!  Sadly we weren't in the same classes.  Probably somewhere I have pics from Miss Pearson's 4th grade class, Miss Yearsley's 5th and Mrs. Parks' 6th.  And YES, I do remember the Sheridan song and in fact sing it fairly frequently!  :)

06/10/15 04:02 PM #17    

Steven Wald

The Sheridan pics are priceless.  All I remember, but dearly, is playing softball during recess, before school and after.  We had a great team with John Baskin, Pete Durham, Jeff Hancock, and many more.  


06/10/15 07:56 PM #18    

Carol Wallace (Kleppinger)

Mr. Hoover -- the P.E. teacher, right? I sucked at Red Rover, but liked the little bit of square dancing we did during the winter.

06/11/15 10:50 AM #19    

Bill Kenagy

I guess I go down in posterity as Bill Knade (Kenagy).Darn school secretaries didn't have spell check back then. (The Mrs Ramsey class photo.)

06/11/15 02:11 PM #20    


Linda Danielson (Slaughter)

Does anyone live in or near Estes Park, CO?  I found an Eleanor Roehl age 68 living there.  It might be our missing Eleanor.  

06/11/15 04:23 PM #21    

Bill Kenagy

I am a proud graduate of the Wellsian Kindergarten Method.

06/11/15 05:38 PM #22    

Gregg Wright

I have several strong Sheridan memories including "Sheridan, sing for Sheridan, its the school we love so well . . . ", plotting to have everyone playing kickball at recess stop to waive back at Mrs Zellers when she called us in by waiving out the window . . . and then just resuming the game,  seeing Mrs Ramsey run out of the class in her slip when she spilled ink on her dress in the coat closet.  Did that really happen?  Also, I remember Mr. Hoover telling us all that we needed to wear rubber galoshes and when I protested that my combat boots were good enough he had me come to the center of the gym and poured water out of my soaked combat boots.  Also the Randolph shuffle, and being startled when I was back at Sheridan for some reason when I was in high school to find that Mr. Hooer was really quite short and not the towering figure I remembered.  I have a vivid memory of, I think it was John Graham. running full speed into the telephone pole in the middle of center field while trying to catch a fly ball .  .  .  very scary.      And the Lincoln Centennial Song in 1959 that J.D.Ayres' father wrote which started, "The first hundred years were the hardest, something something something, but now we have nothing to retard us, into the new century we go, . . 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, nineteen fifty-nine . . . "  Why is my brain still all cluttered up with these things????  I'd probably remember where I put my car keys if I could clear this out once in a while!


06/12/15 09:13 AM #23    

Bill Kenagy

Gregg - your memory is remarkable. I'm still looking for my keys and cell phone.

06/12/15 06:46 PM #24    

Beth Mullowney (Fischer)

Greg, I can still see Mrs. Ramsey running past the door in her slip!  Totally forgotten about the 1959 song!  That was so fun.  Sorry I can be with you all this weekend! 

06/16/15 11:00 AM #25    


Linda Danielson (Slaughter)

Dear Classmates,

I'm back home and still smiling about our weekend together.  I'm so grateful for the committee's gift of their time and love for our class.  It felt great to be together again.  There wasn't time to have the more in depth conversations that I would like to have had, but just seeing everyone and feeling like the Class of '65 again for a couple of days was really special.  We probably don't need to know what everyone has been up to for the last 10 years, 50 years, etc. but just sort of a big group hug was great!  

And I support any and all ideas about a next time - our 70th birthday year, 55th, 60th, whatever the committee thinks is doable.  I am definitely going to do some sleuthing to see if I can find a few old friends and get them to sign in.  

Thanks again to all who worked so hard.  I have been looking forward to this for a long time.  It was truly memorable and worth the trip!

Happy summer to all.  And the charge to all to keep turning the "lost" into "found"!


Linda Danielson Slaughter

06/16/15 02:21 PM #26    


Robert Danley

Reflections........... What a weekend!! As it was ending last night I was plopped into a chair thinking about what had just happened over the last 2 days. What an incredible group of people.. Classmates!! From every walk of life, I just marveled at what this group of people has accomplished: how many went into the service, how many went to war, the educators, instructor's of every type, college professor's, department chairs, business owners, large & small, men & women. Doctor's, Dentists, Attorney's, Accountants, Artist's, Airline Pilot's, Fighter Pilot's, Captain's of ships, Captain's of Industry.. McCormick, I think there are even 2 Realtor's? Really!! Oh & so much more... When they gave us those diploma's & sent our class out into the world, we grabbed it and ran.. We truly did not ask "what our Country could do for us" we went out and did what we could do for Country, our Family's & Ourselves.. 93% of our class went on to higher education, are you kidding me?? We as a whole are a grand accomplishment, we should be proud of ourselves. We came, we learned, we traveled the globe, we helped our fellow travelers, we have helped those in need, we have indeed made this a better place, and we have led, we are something... Thank You to all who were able to come enjoy, I hope many more continue to sign up on our website. For those unable to attend I hope you join the conversation, just as I have seen Doug & Shirley just join (we missed You both, for way too many years), and I hope to see hundreds of pictures posted to the sight very soon.. Maybe we will not wait so long to do this again. I think it is time to BRING THE BAND BACK... Thanks again to everyone, it was a sensational weekend!!! Bob

I just had to put this into this section, if for no other reason than to see if I could move it from one module to another...  it appears to have worked.....   bd

08/19/16 01:24 PM #27    


James Stone

Greetings fellow Knights. Wish every year was reunion year but that could be too much of a good thing. Will just have to be happy seeing you all every ten.

Posted a small surprise just now, nothing else to do here but watch the sunrise. Maybe those of you I went to Sheridan School with have misplaced your class pictures, well before my beautiful scanner died I made pretty good images of all the classes I had. I am missing 1st Grade or the Aliens abducetd me that year, not sure.

Greg, you memories of Sheridan were terrific and the accident that John had on the playground, who could forget?

Well, Aloha from my newest adventure, in the process of trying o bring a 110 year old home back to it's original wonderfulness, here in Paauilo, Hawaii. 

P,S, since the entry above we had to move off the Big Island, seems the VOG was too much for our health. We now live on Oahu, the North Shore, In the town of Laie.

As I looked over our LSE site I came to the realization that there are a lot of our classmates that are not represented here, If you know someone that is not a member of our site. please see if you can encourage them to join, I have friends that I have lost all contact with. This is my only hope of reconnecting, Thanks!

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