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12/14/21 03:22 PM #51    

Michael Border (Border)

Gracious, Brujo! Feliz Navidad!



12/15/21 11:51 AM #52    


Bruce Watson

Back atcha Amigo.

12/16/21 03:56 PM #53    

Michael Border (Border)


01/02/22 04:54 PM #54    


James Stone

Happy and excited to share our newest adventure, we own and are remodeling our new Airbnb acquisition.

01/03/22 12:33 PM #55    


Cathie Cather (Petsch)

James Stone...Fun and good 👍 luck

01/03/22 09:20 PM #56    

Carol Thompson (Miller)



01/04/22 12:37 PM #57    


Jennifer Seyler (Jacobs)

Absoulutely charming! Wish you all the best with your new venture. 


04/08/22 12:39 PM #58    


James Stone

Unable to find the "Survey", where is it hiding?

04/09/22 08:47 AM #59    

Sherrie Gilliland ((Geier))

The "Survey" activated this morning. It is the third page from the top on the class website.

Hope this helps.

04/09/22 08:48 PM #60    


Bruce Watson

I answered the survey and am planning to go.  Who's going?

04/10/22 02:53 PM #61    

Cathlene Walters (Peterson)

I plan on going. Need to find out if the Nebraska game is an afternoon or evening game.  We have season tickets so we plan to attend the game. Hope some of activities for the reunion don't happen the same time as the game. I've looked forward to the reunion since 2020. The class of 1971 had their 50 reunion. Chuck and I were at the LSE football game that night when the announcer asked the reunion classmates to stand. I was jealous they got to have theirs. 

05/04/22 08:18 PM #62    

Carol Wallace (Kleppinger)

I have a weird favor to ask. Short version: Does anyone have a 1963 Shield school annual they could check and see if there are any pictures of a typing class? Scan and post so I can download it? It would be VERY appreciated.

Long version: The modern way of telling a parent she is getting old and needs to write some memoirs is to sign her up at  I don't mean to beat a commerical drum here, but this particular site has been very helpful. Storywoth sends out a question every week and, at the end of the year, compiles the answers and any submitted pictures in a book. If you don't like a question, you can change it or make up your own. This week's question is about your favorite high school subjects. Typing class is one of several that I want to cover, and I would like a picture of the old non-electric typewriters with the return handles. The 1965 annual has a great picture, but they had just changed typewriters and they were the newer electric. I don't see anything in the 1964 annual. I don't have a 1963. Thanks again for any help!

05/05/22 12:21 PM #63    


Bruce Watson

I liked that class, thought the typewriters were cool, and have a 1963 Shield. I wish it was a 1963 Corvette.

05/06/22 01:22 PM #64    

John Alloway

the 1963 shield does not have a picture of a typing class.  There is picture of Diane Focht and 3 other girls in the Shield office with a manual type writer.  The 1963 Northeast year book has a picture of two girls sitting a manual typewriter learning how to operate a "Cole Dictator".  But no pictures of a class room full of machines.  If either of these would help let me know.  Say hello to Mike.  Regards John

05/07/22 12:44 PM #65    


Bruce Kubick

I have a 50's or 60's style Underwood typewriter in a case, and in working order among my antiques. I would consider selling it for a reasonable price.  It is in nice condition.  -Bruce

05/07/22 07:29 PM #66    


Douglas Nelsen

Typing class kept me from seeing Vietnam Up close & personal...drafted, Chinook helicopter crew chief training...volunteered Airborne....sent to Fort Bragg....Simmons Army Airfield....morning formation...they were looking for people who could type....I was the Company Clerk working with the CO & first Sergeant....

Thank You Mrs Galloway....

05/08/22 05:13 PM #67    

Carol Wallace (Kleppinger)

What a story! Thanks for sharing, Doug. 

05/09/22 12:22 PM #68    

Dean-Ross Schessler

I took typing for two semesters at Millard Lefler from Beersie (aka Gladys Beers Anderson), which she had been affectionately called for decades.  I know this because she taught both my mother and father how to type.  During a parent/teacher visiting session where we walked through our class schedule spending a few minutes with each teacher when we got to the typing classroom, we walked in and the first thing Beersie said was, "Johnny your kid is a better student and typer than you were.  He can bang out 107 WPM.  And I bet you're standing here talking to me because your typing kept you off the front line during the war (WWII).  She put her arms around him and they hugged.  Beersie looked at my mother and said, "And you married this guy?  I remember you, Althea  You were always asking to take make-up typing tests because you were always off playing softball." 
For my junior high graduation gift, my parents bought me a Smith Corona typewriter with are hardshell case from (are you ready for it) Latsch Brothers on O Street (which I now understand is still in business somewhere else in Lincoln!).  In that my parent were Mr. & Mrs. Frugal, they did not get the model with the electric carriage return button, they bought me an electric typewriter with the old-style manual carriage return!.  If you think that is odd my father got my first car (a '56 Ford 4-door sedan with battleship gray paint) with no air conditioning, roll-up windows, and rubber flooring, no carpet!  I still have it (not the car, but I might wish, but the typewriter) on the side wing of my desk and use it more often than you might think.  I find it a pain in the ass to use my printer to print envelopes so most of the time I type the envelopes.  I one time got a phone call from a client and the first thing they said was, "Dean-Ross do you still use a typewriter?"  And I also still have most every necktie I've ever purchased!  There are some laughable classics.  When I move it will take two moving vans!  The good Lord willing, I will be delighted to see any and I hope all of you at this upcoming reunion to see who gained the most weight, who lost the most hair, has the most wrinkles, and will get the most drunk!  And we also have to find out who spread this bullshit about retirement being the "Golden Years"!  The only thing golden in my years is my urine.

05/09/22 12:59 PM #69    


Jennifer Seyler (Jacobs)

That was a very entertaining story, Dean! Thanks for sharing.  


05/09/22 01:01 PM #70    


Bruce Watson

I'll see you there. The first piece of equipment I bought when I started my biz in 1980 was an IBM Selectric typewriter.  I still use it to do page numbers because I can put the number exactly where I want it. The first PC, an IBM 360, was dumped 30+ years ago.   There has to be a message somewhere in this. It might be that some technology survives a very long time while most becomes obsolete in a very short time.

05/10/22 04:04 PM #71    

Linda Ryon (Woodhouse)

Great story, Dean.  I'm sure I must have been in the same typing class at Millard Lefler.  It was a fun class.

04/28/23 02:14 AM #72    


David McLeod

Hello to all who live in Dodge, Washington, Saunders, Douglas, Sarpy and Cass counties in Nebraska.  I was assigned by some of the folks looking into creating an early fall class reunion this year.  I did a good job of finding quite a few of you via various methods, but I ran into trouble when finding partial contact info for most of our classmates in this area of the state.  No one has a telephone anymore.  This became a barrier for me as I am not good at finding electronic addresses out of thin air or via computer.  I am aware of a large number of our classmates who now live in the counties listed above.  Please, if you read this and know of other classmates with whom you have electronic contact, give them the message to contact me.  I am 

I live near Immanuel Hospital in north Omaha and my cell phone no. is (402) 594-9723.  You can text me there as well.  The phone is in my pocket about 18 hrs a day.  Please let other classmates you know whether you think they might be interested or not to make contact.  We are a fantastic class and our stories are all over the place and of great interest!!  Please make contact and let others know how to make contact even if they don't look here! 

My very best wishes to all of our classmates,

David McLeod, Omaha 

04/28/23 10:42 AM #73    

Leslie Walt (Connealy)


Dave, reading your post and seeing your photo brought back such fond memories of Byorth's classes!

Thank you (and praying for rain in Nebraska),

Leslie Connealy

Boise, ID




04/29/23 04:04 PM #74    

Beth Mullowney (Fischer)

Dave, so good of you to do this!  And Leslie, we were in Boise recently visiting family and a close friend!  

05/05/23 07:05 PM #75    

Kathy Ewing

Dave,  I'm not sure whether to congratulate you or send my condolences.  One thing is for sure, I can't think of anyone better for the job.  I remember you as a "see the bright side" kind of a guy, and that's what is needed .  I wish you best of luck with this, and if we do have a reunion and I'm still upright and compos mentis, I'll do my best to be there.  Especially if it's earlier in the day.  I'm not overly keen on driving at night, and the older I get, the earlier I like to go to bed!


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