A 55th or 60th Reunion?

LSE Classmates: We Need Your Help

Your reunion committee asked for feedback after our 50th reunion in 2015. We summarized your answers and narrowed the planning options. Now, we need your help again.  

Please complete this survey before Friday, August 16, 2019.


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1)   Do you want a 55th year LSE Class of '65 reunion next year (2020)?

Yes No
2)   Do you want a 60th year LSE Class of '65 reunion in six years (2025)?

Yes No
3)   Do you want a reunion (either 55th or 60th) in the late summer (July or August)?

Yes No
4)   Do you want a reunion (either 55th or 60th) in the early fall (September or October)?

Yes No
5)   Is there anything else you would like your loosely organized reunion committee to know or consider beyond our own mortality, which seems to come up whenever we talk about reunions!?